13 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Really Popular in High School

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We’re so used to hearing about celebrities who were total geeks in high school, like Adam Levine, Zac Efron and even Naya Rivera. But, while it’s inspiring to hear stories about how their lives changed and how they became hugely successful, we rarely ever hear about the celebrities who were practically high school royalty. For example, there’s Chris Pratt, who was voted Mr. Popular, Paula Abdul, who was a head cheerleader, and Matthew Morrison, a.k.a. the gleek we all know as Mr. Schuester, who was once crowned Prom King. Pretty crazy, right?

But just because these guys were super popular, it doesn’t mean that they were bullies. Unlike what most high school films tend to show us, it’s not always true that the popular kids are lazy and selfish twerps who thrive on picking on others. On the contrary, people can actually be friendly, hard-working, and popular, too. These celebrities proved it by acing their classes and maintaining their awesome reputation! Check out this list to see who those celebrities are: