7 Stars Who Were Married When They Met Their Future Spouse on a Movie Set

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You’ve seen a bunch of celebrities who met their future significant other when they were still in a relationship with someone else. Sarah Hyland met Dom Sherwood when she was still dating Matt Prokop, Wilmer Valderrama met Demi Lovato when she first started dating Joe Jonas… It happens. That’s how, on occasion, so many couples start out when one (or both) are technically still married.

Getting more specific, you know what happens more often than you may think? Celebrities meeting their future spouse on the set of a movie when they’re still married. If Jason Sudeikis & Olivia Wilde, and Skyler Astin & Anne Camp do, eventually, walk down the aisle, then we can add them to the following list. Until then, here are seven stars who already had a ring on their finger from someone else when they met their next love: