10 Celebrities Who Admitted They Were Bullies in High School

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We’ve heard countless stories of celebrities being bullied before they became famous. Stars like Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez all admitted that they dealt with awful bullies back in high school. Their stories are undoubtedly inspiring — especially to those of us who have to deal with tormentors of our own. Yes! The nerds prevail in the real world.

However, despite the number of celebs that have been harassed and tortured by fellow classmates, there are also a few who admitted that they were actually the ones DELIVERING the torment. Shame, shame… We rarely ever hear of a celebrity who stuffed another kid into a locker, probably because most of them won’t admit it, but we know the truth about some.

Whether it’s a way to teach others the importance of kindness or to personally heal from the insecurities that plagued them as teens, some celebrities aren’t afraid to say that they were mean girls (or guys). These 10 celebrities recount times they were the bully: