11 Celebrities Who Were Caught Stealing the Most Random Things

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There are a lot of reasons that drive people to steal things, with most of them being unfortunately linked to poverty-driven need. Some people who aren’t in need also derive some odd rush of pleasure when they shoplift, since it’s so dangerous and oh, we don’t know, carries a consequence of a monetary fine, jail, or BOTH. Some people have to live on the edge, and some choose to. We’ll be over here, in our cozy spot, not-on-the-edge. But, you know, we’re not judging.

That’s why it’s always so strange when a celebrity is busted for theft. There are a surprising number of celebrities who have a history of being caught stealing, which we only get to discover after they’ve been famous for a little while. That’s one thing. It’s another thing entirely, though, when an already-famous celebrity ventures into the criminal word of theft, even though they’re fully aware that they can hardly take poop, without the world being updated on the process every step of the way, let alone commit a crime.

Whether their reasons were poverty, a craving for danger, or something else entirely, these 11 celebrities were once caught stealing: