10 Celebs Who Went to Prom

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Our fave celebs wear gorgeous gowns (or tuxes) and grace the cover of magazines’ prom issues all the time, but which stars actually went to the high school dance? As you get ready for the big night ahead, take a peek at the celebs who rocked prom. See? They’re just like us!

1. Demi Lovato
The Demster tweeted this pretty pic with her prom date in May 2010, adding: “A promise made in kindergarten finally coming true. Prom with@nolannard!!! :)” How sweet! And, a Rolls Royce to the dance? Not too shabby.


2. Selena Gomez
Like many high school seniors in June 2009, Selena uploaded an album to MySpace titled “Prom ’09.” Though this wasn’t exactly her prom. She and BFF Demi were total prom crashers! How fun does that look? But, we have a feeling we wouldn’t get such a warm welcome if we did the same…


3. Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning has been in the spotlight since she was 7, but that doesn’t stop the red-carpet beauty from attending high school’s biggest night. While juggling her acting career, the  Twilight star was also a cheerleader and the homecoming queen. Wow, and we think we’re busy…

Slash Gossip

4. Lady Gaga
What would Lady Gaga’s prom dress look like? Before you let your imagination run wild with meat, eggs, and armadillo shoes, we’re sad to announce the megastar, then known as Stefani Germanotta, wore a pretty standard dress. We dig the shades at night, though. Fierce.

The Dirty

5. Britney Spears
Soon after “…Baby One More Time” turned the former Disney starlet into the princess of pop, she did what any other teen would do — attend her high school prom! And, we’re happy she did, because how adorable is she?

Lipstick Alley

6. Taylor Swift
While Tay only went to high school for two years, Tshe did make an appearance at prom. Pretty sweet deal, huh? We’re not sure who her date is, but we have a feeling there’s a song or two about him.

Disney Dreaming

7. Taylor Lautner
Holy hair! We wonder if the wolf pack put him up to that? The star left high school after sophomore year, but came back just for prom.

Us Magazine

8. Shay Mitchell
Ever notice how perfect Shay’s hair is on PLL? Well, we think the hair team on set took some lessons from her mom. Because Shay, who went to the senior prom with her BFFs as dates (how cool?), shared these fun photos from her senior prom with, including one of her mom doing her picture-perfect ‘do.


9. Rihanna
RiRi traded in the red carpet for a high school gym when she appeared on MTV’s reality show Once Upon a Prom in 2007. Considering her songs are pretty much mandatory at dances, we wonder what her and Richard danced to?

Sandra Rose


10.  Snooki
Before Snooks was a pregnant meatball starring on Jersey Shore, she was an adorable teen in Poughkeepsie, NY. Though, we have a feeling she wasn’t that different. Her date looks like he could be a gorilla juicehead given the right dose of G, T, and L.


What do you think of these celebrity prom photos? Which is your favorite? Which outfit would you wear?

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