9 Stars Who Awkwardly Watched Their Love Scenes… Next to Their Parents!

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There are a LOT of celebs who have gone nude that you might not even know about. In fact some of your fave YA movie stars did nude scenes before you even knew who they were. That being said, going nude or filming love scenes aren’t super easy. Yes, they are awkward and strange and many stars hate filming them, but it gets even more awkward after the scene is filmed. The moment they have to actually watch it on the big screen is super weird.

What’s worse than your friends and millions of random people seeing you naked or having sex on screen? Having your parents see it… while you are sitting right there! Yep, all of those sex scenes that Kristen Stewart filmed that somehow have gone unnoticed, she’s watched side-by-side with her parents! See what other celebs had to sit through their love scenes with their parents below.