13 Celebrities Who Are Just as Obsessed with 13 Reasons Why as You

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13 Reasons Why has only been available to watch on Netflix for a couple weeks, but it’s already the streaming service’s most popular original series ever. The Selena Gomez-produced show is a huge hit among a large variety of people, including those who read Jay Asher‘s book, those who didn’t, teenagers, adults, and so many others. Another group of folks who can’t get enough of the 13-part saga is celebrities who, while often very busy, still made time to binge-watch the hit like the rest of us.

It seems pretty obvious that the “It Ain’t Me” singer is one of the stars who are absolutely in love with 13RW, especially because she was actually slated to star as Hannah Baker at one point, but some of the other famous peeps who can’t get enough of the on-screen adaptation may surprise you. Check ’em out below!