12 Celebrities Who Took Luke Hemmings’ Side After the Arzaylea Cheating Scandal

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It’s been almost one whole week since we last talked about Arzaylea Rodriguez, which is a long-a** time considering that the drama that came after she allegedly cheated on Luke Hemmings with Blackbear was basically never ending. All has been relatively quiet on the OUTSIDE of the Larzaylea breakup front (meaning, neither the 5 Seconds of Summer singer nor the social-media personality have started sh*t online), but there’s still obvious rumblings internally.

While a lot of celebrities cut all ties with their exes (like Luke did with Arz) following a breakup, we don’t often see a bunch of that star’s friends also hitting their unfollow button. NGL, the 20-year-old must be really popular among his pals, ’cause a ton of them (some of whom were once actually close with the 22-year-old) removed her from their following lists almost immediately after the cheating rumors started.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t include Ashton Irwin on this list, it’s because he apparently never followed Arzaylea to begin with (el oh el — savage). And no, as much as you’re obsessed with the Hemmings family, they don’t count as celebrities, so they’re not on here even though they also unfollowed the girl.