9 Celebrities Who Used Tinder to Find Their Next Hookup

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For girls, “using Tinder” usually just means lazily left-swiping for hours. Mirror selfie? Nope. Group picture? Pass. Clearly old enough to be a father? Goodbye. But for all the disappointment Tinder continually brings, it’s hard to delete that fire icon. We still, a little tiny bit, keep hope alive that Future Bae will suddenly pop up on our iPhones. Come on, we’re all trying to nail those #relationshipgoals.

Trust us, don’t feel lame for turning to Tinder. Even mega-celebrities have used apps and dating websites to search for love (or… something). Okay, the guys from 5 Seconds of Summer are probably looking for a fun hookup, not a life partner, but raise your hand if you’d still swipe right. Like, aggressively. The most forceful right-swipe Tinder has ever known. While you daydream about that, here’s a roundup of stars who have done a bit of swiping themselves: