7 Celebrities Who Got SO Pissed, They Sued the Paparazzi

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Celebrities and the paparazzi have a love-hate relationship. Okay, usually it’s the celebs who hate the paps. It’s hard to blame stars for getting annoyed when photogs are out of line, like when they took nude photos of stars like Justin Bieber and Ashley Benson. Totally unacceptable. But as much as stars complain about relentless photographers, the total truth is that they need (and, for the most part, enjoy) press coverage. Getting into the tabloids is a huge part of being a celebrity and maintaining stardom. All publicity is good publicity, right?

Umm… maybe not so much. When the paparazzi goes from “kind of annoying” to legit ILLEGAL measures, it’s no surprise that some famous people actually take these guys to court. Invasion of privacy is a serious offense that can result in major fines, restraining orders and even jail time. These stars were so incensed about nosy paparazzi that they turned ’em over to the cops: