7 Young Stars Who Actually Sued Their Own Parents for Stealing Their Money

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There are a lot of supportive moms and dads in Hollywood. Where would Kylie Jenner be without her mom, Kris Jenner, or Miley Cyrus without her mom, Tish Cyrus? There are a lot of child stars growing up in the entertainment industry and a lot of parents think there couldn’t possibly be anyone better to handle their business deals and finances than the person who had known them since day one, long before stardom. Parents are supposed to be there to guide and protect their kids.

However, when it comes to ‘momagers‘ and ‘dadagers’ (yep, they exist! Just ask Jessica and Ashlee Simpson), sometimes the parents get consumed by the fame and begin to act selfishly. What’s even worse is when these celebrity mamas and papas use their power to take advantage of their celebrity children and steal their money! It happens a lot and some young stars bravely stood up to their family and took ’em to court! Keep reading to see seven stars who had to sue their parents for unfairly swindling their hard-earned cash: