10 Celebrities Who Stopped Being Friends After Dating the Same Person

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There are many things that can come between best friends. But things get much messier when a third person is involved. Hollywood is actually much smaller than it seems and we previously talked about 11 celebrity friends who dated the same person. Sometimes that actually works out for everyone. But all celebs aren’t as chill to let their friends swoop in on their exes.

Some take it has a huge betrayal and cut the friend and ex out of their lives. After all, many people want to turn to their friend to cry and dish about their broken heart after a breakup, NOT see their supposed pal hook up with the very former fling who left ’em in the dust. Some might even say that it’s breaking girl/bro code.

There have been almost just as many messy friend breakups thanks to someone dating someone else’s ex. These situations tend to be heartbreaking since many celebrities ended up losing two people in their lives, but also really awkward because, of course, they run in the same circles. These love triangles have complicated things on set so much that one even walked off her own show! (Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder can deny the tension all they want, but we don’t believe it one bit.) Others have led to nasty interviews and even songs. So, which celeb friends had someone else come between them? These ten pairs will probably not have the same friendship ever again: