13 Celebrities Who Admitted They Still Love Their Ex

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Heartbreaks and breakups are hard for anyone to cope with. One day you’re with the person you can see spending the rest of your life with, then the next he/she is no longer around. People tend to get through the torture by talking about it to their friends. Many celebrities, however, end up talking about their former flames to the press. Understandably, some have dissed their ex while still feeling hurt from them splitting ways. But you’d be surprised how many celebrities are actually really sweet to their past loves. In some situations, it took some time to get there; in others, they never take a break and instantly become friends.

We talked about celebrities who are BFFs with their exes; they are still seen hanging out with each other and keeping in touch. Some even worked together by going on tour or acting in a movie together! These tend to be the same celebrities who admitted to still loving their ex post-split. This, of course, could mean many things. Maybe they love them, but they’re not in love with them. Other times, they are really open about wanting a second chance to make things right again. So, which celebrities have been so open about their love for their ex? These 13 stars, at the very least: