12 Pairs of Stars That Stayed BFFs Years After They Were First Co-Stars

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When you’re co-starring on a TV show or in movie with someone, it’s important to get along. At least, one would think so. There have been tons of reports about on-screen love interests who hated each other IRL — we’re looking at you, Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams — and TV BFFs who were enemies off screen, but the far opposite has proven to be true as well. We wanted to see which of our fave celebs not only had a great friendship with their co-stars, but still remain close with their on-screen counterpart to this day!

From celebs who played besties to those whose characters couldn’t stand one another, we rounded up 12 pairs of celebs that have been friends for years — ever since they first met on set! Check out our gallery below to see which co-star friendships have stayed this strong: