7 Celebs on Broadway Before They Were Famous

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While some stars got their start in the entertainment industry by appearing in TV shows or commercials, other stars got their start by performing on Broadway! Before we even knew their names, many celebs were shining bright on the Broadway stage. From a young age, some celebs starred in numerous shows like Hairspray and Spring Awakening. While most of you may know Lea Michele got her start on Broadway, there are many another famous names like Lea that started out on stage before getting into movies and television!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Skylar Astin, and Matthew Morrison are just a few celebs that began their careers on Broadway. Want to see their incredible performances before they were household names? Check the videos below! See the 7 stars we found singing their hearts our before they became huge celebrities. Watch all of the clips and then tell us, which performance was your favorite? Sound off in the comments!

1. While many of us know Anna Kendrick from her memorable movie characters, she actually got her start in the entertainment world as a child on Broadway. Here she is performing in the PBS Special, The Leading Ladies of Broadway, back in 1998.2. Nick Jonas is known for being in the band, The Jonas Brothers, but he actually got his start on Broadway! Check out this clip of 9-year-old Nick singing "Someday."3. Before Skylar Astin starred in Pitch Perfect, he was making name for himself on Broadway. Here's Skylar at 15 years old in Spring Awakening.4. Before Kristen Bell became Veronica Mars, she was on Broadway. Here's Kristen performing "To Hear You Say My Name" from the play The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.5. Jenna Ushkowitz was a Broadway babe before booking Glee. Here's her audition for Spring Awakening! FYI, she got the job!6. Another Glee star who graced the Broadway stage is Matthew Morrison! Here's Matthew back in 2003 during his run in Hairspray.7. Keeping with the Glee-theme, remember when Sarah Jessica Parker made a guest appearance? Epic! Well, SJP was also a young Broadway star! Here she is back in 1983 performing a song from Annie.Plus, here's 7 life lessons we've learned from Broadway star Anna Kendrick's Twitter.

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