Hotties of the Week: Celebrities Who Know How (or at Least Attempt) to Skateboard

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It’s National Go Skateboarding Day! (It’s real, Google it.) So what better way to celebrate than to actually skate ourselves look at pictures of hot celebrities skateboarding, eh? Not all of them are exactly pros, but hey, if they’re willing to take the risk, then that’s sexy enough in our book. See who made our Hotties of the Week!

Keegan Allen
He might be a little miffed by us at the moment due to this little incident, so making him #1 on our list should clear everything up. (…Right?) Plus look how skilled Keegs is on the board!

Troian Bellisario
Speaking of Keegan, he Instagrammed this lovely pic of his PLL love interest on a longboard.
Can she actually ride it? Eh, who cares as long as she looks good.


Andrew Garfield
Alright, so this is probs Andrew’s stunt double in The Amazing Spider-Man rather than him himself. But we promise, Andrew does end up skateboarding in the movie. (This is just impressive, though.)


Ashton Kutcher
This is one of our favorite scenes in What Happens in Vegas; Ashton looked super-sexy gliding along on his board, then Cameron Diaz nails him with oranges. #classic

20th Century Fox

Cory Monteith
While filming in NYC during season 2 of Glee, Cory was spotted skating. And true to Finn form, he sorta flubs up at the end. (We still love ya, Core!)

Justin Bieber
The Biebs must be a boarder with confidence because back in 2010,
he honed this skill to make an amaze photo spread in Teen Vogue!

Teen Vogue

Austin Mahone
“I love skating! even though I suck.. smh” That’s what Austin posted under this video…
Umm, if you’re able to take a vid of yourself boarding, you can’t be too bad. 😉

Cody Simpson
Aww, look at little Codester on his special board. And he can surf, too??
This kid’s got too many talents.


Kendall Schmidt
There’s pics of all the Big Time Rush guys boarding,
but we thought you’d wanna see at least one of them in action…

Ryan Sheckler
No ‘skateboarding hottie’ list would be complete without the master, Ryan Sheckler.


Who’s the hottest of the celebs above? Are there any other stars you know can board? And do you skateboard yourself?

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