9 Celebrity Couples That Were Forced to Shoot Sex Scenes After They Broke Up

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The CW

The CW

It’s safe to say that getting intimate with someone in front of a whole bunch of people is the definition of awkward. You’re practically half naked and tangled up in the arms of someone else… while you’re being watched and filmed the entire time. Talk. About. Terrifying! But do you know what’s even worse? Having to film a heated sex scene with the person you actually broke up with. Like, in real life. Yikes!

Just the thought of running into an ex can be so nerve-wracking, so we can only imagine how weird it must feel to do a sex scene with them. However, we must say that these actors are seriously pros because each of them managed to pull off some seriously romantic sex scenes. If no one knew about their dating history in real life, we’re pretty sure most of us would’ve never guessed that they actually went through a breakup before. So kudos to them for stepping up and having the guts to get down and dirty with their exes. All the awkwardness that took place behind the scenes definitely paid off. Check out these nine pairs who had to do sex scenes together after they split: