8 Celebrities Who Accidentally Revealed Other Celebrities’ Secrets

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Being really close with a celebrity has got to be super difficult. Not because it’d necessarily be a nightmare enjoying all of the perks that they enjoy along with them. After all, holding the coveted spot of celebrifriend opens you to opportunities that no one else has, like receiving a brand new car just because they like you kinda! (Ahem, Kylie Jenner.) No, we imagine that it’s got to be hard because of all of the untold secrets that you have to keep up with. And, if you, yourself, are also famous and constantly doing press of your own, you’ve got to keep up with, not only all of YOUR untold secrets, but also the ones of all of your friends that you’re not allowed to tell.

Thankfully for us, non-famous people, lots of celebrities really screw up that second part. Not on purpose, of course. There aren’t that many celebrities who are running about town, trying to sabotage their close friends (we hope). But, you know, accidentally, lots of cats have been let out of bags by celebrities like these 8, who accidentally revealed the secrets of their celebrity friends and family: