16 Bad-Ass Celebrities Who Refuse to Label Their Sexuality

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Being a celebrity obviously comes with a lot of amazing perks — free things, unlimited vacations, money, almost never getting in trouble for their actions, etc. — but it also has some downsides. The worst thing about being famous, I would imagine, is the lack of privacy, both in terms of paparazzi and people constantly asking about their most intimate moments. For example, unless a celeb is quite clearly straight, they are constantly asked how they identify, sexually. Are they gay? Lesbian? Bisexual? Pansexual? There are celebrities who won’t respond, celebrities who happily answer, celebrities who lie, and then there are celebrities who refuse to label their sexuality and play that game.

It might surprise you to find out that some of your favorite stars won’t put a label on their sexuality. Whether it’s because they just don’t want the public to know or because they genuinely do not label their sexuality, it doesn’t matter: it’s still pretty bad-ass. As more and more LGBTQ issues arise in the media, Hollywood’s most famous have become more open about who they like and how they identify. Even so, it’s still pretty bad-ass to shut down a nosy interviewer with a smart comment about being unwilling to label themselves. Here are 16 examples of celebrities who won’t label their sexuality — and honestly, just like anyone else, they never have to if they don’t want to:

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