10 Celebrities Who Refuse to Date Other Celebrities

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It just so happens that your biggest dream ever is actually not all that it’s cracked up to be. No, we don’t mean like your legitimate hopes and dreams; we’re talking about your burning, if secret, desire to be in a relationship with someone famous. Even if you aren’t currently crushing on a celebrity, we’d be willing to bet our very last dollar that you’ve considered at least once how great it’d be to date your favorite celebrity.

However, it turns out that, while you and the rest of the normies you know may be pining over the bodies on Hollywood red carpets, other celebrities actually want to run in the opposite direction. We know, it sounds like crazy talk, especially considering just how many celebrities date ONLY other famous people. But we promise you, these 10 celebrities have actually admitted that they’d prefer not to — and even refuse to — date other celebrities: