6 Celebs Who Left Their TV Show Soon After Breaking Up with Their Co-Star

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If you’re a masochist, here’s some helpful & friendly advice: date someone you work with, fall hard for each other, then break up and continue to see that person at work. Every day. It’s like the perfect form of torture! Don’t worry, celebrities do it all the time.

Time after time, actors have proven their professionalism, continuing to work with one another on their TV shows even after calling it quits in real life. And we thank them for it, ’cause it’s not the audience’s fault they decided to mix business with pleasure, you know? Granted, we’re sure some characters’ storylines switch up because of real-life relationship massacres — like, you KNOW Lucas & Brooke would not have ended the way they did on One Tree Hill if Chad Michael Murray didn’t cheat on Sophia Bush IRL, thus ending their short-term marriage — but we digress.

But not everyone can put on a brave face and carry on seeing their ex as if they’re not hurting, especially after their S.O. clearly moved on with someone else. Sometimes, they take themselves out of the game, leaving their television series, and their fans, behind: