12 Celebrities Who Have Publicly Dissed Their Ex

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As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea not to publicly diss your ex, even after a nasty breakup. Doing so only makes you look a teensy bit immature and bitter, even if your remark is funny and kind of deserved. But I guess no one told these celebs that.

You would think that with a super strict PR team watching their every move, insults about exes wouldn’t be allowed to slip out of a stars mouth. But they do… oh man, they do. There are plenty of otherwise well-behaved A-listers who have had some pretty nasty things to say about their famous exes. Listen, I know that sometimes, it’s necessary to say something mean about that dude who broke your heart. But maybe consider saying it privately, to your best friend, rather than to someone (or a group of people) who will remember it forever? Here are 12 celebrities who have publicly dissed their ex, because apparently they just DGAF:

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