11 Celebrities Who Posed with Their Ex-Bae & Their Next-Bae at the Same Time

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UPDATE: Nina Dobrev, Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder put the past behind them. Check out our newly-updated gallery below!
You ever get that overwhelmingly cringe-worthy feeling whenever you stumble across an old picture of Nina Dobrev with Nikki Reed? We sure do. After all, they were really close friends before Nikki started dating — and eventually MARRYING — Nina’s ex-boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder. So, like we said, *cringe*.

Fortunately, there aren’t any pictures of the three of them together during Nian’s 3+-year relationship (or after the split, obvs), because we could only imagine the amount of awkward that would ensue after looking at those photos. Actually, we don’t even have to imagine, ’cause these snapshots of celebrities posing with their ex-bae and their next-bae give us just enough of an indication. Don’t worry, we get it — sometimes, you meet the person you want to be with when you’re already with someone else.