6 Stars Who Performed in Front of a Live Audience Hours After Loved One’s Death

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They say, “The show must go on.” Whether or not you’re going through something difficult, you’re meant to power through it for the sake of entertainment. But what do you do if you’re experiencing the worst trauma of your life? Does it still apply then? Clearly, it does… at least for these celebrities.

2 days after Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ father, Gérard Louis-Dreyfus, passed away, the 55-year-old actress took home her fifth consecutive Emmy (for Veep), and her seventh overall. While accepting the award in front of her peers — again, 48 hours after her dad died — she proudly, and bravely, acknowledged the billionaire businessman, saying, “I’m so glad he liked Veep, because his opinion was the one that really mattered.”

And she’s not the only one who took the stage — these six stars actually got out there and performed their hearts out in front of a live audience around the time they lost a loved one. Some hours before, some hours after… Honestly, how did they do it?