10 Famous Musicians Who’ve Performed at Private Parties for BIG Bucks

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We know you fantasize on the daily about what it would be like to be rich and fabulous (obvi, we do it too). But what is the first thing you would do if you were ever to really make it big one day, and start raking in all the ca$h?? Well, we don’t about you guys, but we’d definitely be like the people who hired Nick Jonas to sing at their Bar Mitzvah, or the people who hired Taylor Swift to sing on their French yacht. A supes intimate performance from our fave stars, just for our eyes only?! No brainer! After all, what good is money if you don’t know what to do with it?

Here are some A-list musicians who are available to hire for your glamorous affair. Believe us, if money were no object, we would have already hired these people to perform for us yesterday: