Liam Payne, Plus 7 Other Stars Who Named Their Kids After Animals

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In Hollywood, it’s almost as if there’s an unspoken battle of which stars can come up with the most exotic names for their kids. With names like North, Saint, Apple and Blue Ivy flying around La La Land, competition is fierce for soon-to-be mommies and daddies who are looking to really shake things up.

We know what you’re thinking… why all the fuss? Well, for some celebs, it’s more than just a name, it’s an extension of their brand and legacy. Choosing an exotic name for a celeb child is actually pretty genius from a business standpoint, but it still makes us wonder where all these stars get these unique ideas because we know they’re not reading the same baby naming books as the rest of us! Baby names that are currently on trend? ANIMALS.

The most recent famous people to give in to the animal-inspired baby name trend is none other than Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole, who decided to name their newborn son — wait for it —
BEAR. And if you think that’s as exotic as it gets, you’re sorely mistaken. Check out our list of seven other stars who’ve named their kids after animals: