15 Celebrities Who’ve Mastered the Art of Dissing THEMSELVES

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Life’s awkward. When you really think about it, every day there is a chance for you to do something totally weird and embarrassing. Don’t worry, though — celebrities also have super awkward moments, so you’re not alone on the weirdo train. Whether it’s giving awkward interviews (like when Cara Delevingne was SO awk on TV — we still cringe to this day), or tripping on stage, stars are just as accident prone as you are.

Even celebs like Taylor Swift have awkward run-ins with their exes, so fret not, you are totally normal in your strangeness level. The only thing that makes these cringe-worthy moments bearable is when you shake it off (like T.Swift does, obviously) and are able to make fun of yourself. Trust us, if celebs can poke fun of themselves in front of thousands of people, you can do it, too. See which stars have mastered the art of dissing themselves below and take notes: