11 Celebs Who’ve Admitted to Crushin’ on Birthday Boy Ryan Gosling

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Happy birthday, Ryan Gosling! The Drive actor turns 33 today (November 12) and we basically love any excuse to praise RyGos. Although he’s taken a small break from acting, that has in no way diminished the world’s love for him.

In fact, even MEN can’t resist his overpowering charm. In honor of Ryan’s big day, we rounded up the X celebrities who have admitted to crushing on him. Check them out below!



1. Selena Gomez

In a recent interview, the “Slow Down” singer revealed that she has a thing for Ryan. (Well, who doesn’t?) She said, “Ryan Gosling is such a given [as a celebrity crush].I’ve not met him yet. I’ve seen him on an airplane – and I didn’t – I freaked out so I didn’t even – I don’t even think he saw me so… but that one!”



2. Andrew Garfield

Andrew’s IRL GF Emma Stone has shared the screen with Ryan on more than one occasion, and it looks like A-Garf loves Ryan just as much as the next person. “He’s just a dreamboat. Its undebatable,” Garfield said. “He’s just stunning. Not only physically, but in terms of talent—a general sex appeal that he has.”



3. Kendall Jenner

Though the younger Kardashian sis might be a little too young for him, that didn’t stop her from admitting her love. She said in a recent interview: “When it comes to Hollywood hunks I am attracted to Ryan Gosling. I love ‘The Notebook’ Ryan and bad boy Ryan.”



4. Jennifer Aniston

She might have been married to Brad Pitt at one point, but apparently she’s into the Ryan Gosling “vibe.” In an interview, she admitted “You’ve got to have a little Ryan Gosling vibe. It’s like an innocent, very cute [thing], but yet there’s a lot more going on.”



5. Daniel Radcliffe

Great minds think alike! Daniel also admitted to feeling RyGos, saying, “This year I have a talent crush on Ryan Gosling. I think he’s fantastic and…(ahem) you know he’d be nice afterwards. He seems smart. If I was gay, I would go for a smart man.”



6. James Franco

Aaaand we’ve got another guy in love with RyGos. Seriously, just read the GUSHING open letter James wrote about Ryan’s performance in The Place Beyond the Pines:

“I loved the whole film and was engaged every moment of the way. But what I want to talk about is the first section, the Gosling section; I want to make love to this section. The first image we see is Gos’s toned six-pack, framed tight so that his head is cut off in order to focus our attention on the full spread of idiosyncratic tattoos and the impressive opening and closing of a butterfly knife, a skill Gosling mastered — he is the king of eccentric character behavior — as the character anxiously paces; in the same take, the character (we later learn his name is Luke) sticks the knife overhand into the wall and walks out the door shirtless; we still haven’t seen his face but we know it’s the Gos: the hair, the head, the strut … I mean, come on giiiiiiirl. … The rest of his section is more of the same beautiful Gosling brooding and motorcycle riding. … The rest of the film is great, but the following two sections can’t hope to burn with the same intensity of the Gosling section, they’re not designed that way. It’s not the actors’ faults, it’s just that Gosling was cast as the shooting star, and he sucked up all the oxygen. I could watch that first section over and over and over and over.”



7. Dakota Fanning

OK, we know we said Kendall Jenner was a little young for RyGos, but Dakota is REALLY young. Regardless, they seem to have a little friendship going on. Dakota recently revealed: “Yes, I have a huge crush on Ryan Gosling. My mom also got my sister and me Ryan Gosling coloring books for Christmas. We’ve been coloring him and making sure he looks pretty … not hard to do.”



8. Emma Stone

Emma and Ryan have worked together twice now, but she admits it’s not just the outside that she finds appealing. “I just really like hearing his viewpoint because I know that it’s never going to be tainted. He’s very much his own person. I really like his brain.”



9. Anna Kendrick

The Pitch Perfect star raised some eyebrows when she sent a tweet earlier this year about Ryan’s film Gangster Squad. It’s a little too racy to share here, but let’s just say it’s clear she’s a fan of his.



10. Justin Timberlake

These two worked together WAYYY back in the day during The New Mickey Mouse Club era in the early 90’s, and it’s clear Justin still admires Ryan after all these years. He said, “He’s always been that charismatic and that talented. He’s unbelievable – I think one of the best actors of our generation.”



11. Josh Hutcherson

Josh definitely looks up to Ryan (when it comes to acting), as he revealed: “I like his subtleties and how he really internalizes a lot of the emotion. And for me, that’s kind of my style. So, he’s definitely a big person to look up to.”

Do you love Ryan as much as these celebs? Sound off in the comments, and don’t forget to leave him some birthday love!

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