15 Celebrities Who Tragically Had to Mourn Their Own Sibling’s Death

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It’s everybody’s worst nightmare — the loss of a close family member is devastating and incomprehensible. It’s incredibly painful at any age, for any reason and nobody in the world wants to deal with it. Celebrities often have to do their grieving in the public eye — when Ariana Grande‘s grandfather passed, the fans poured over quotes she gave about him during an interview before his death. Many young stars have, unfortunately, faced the difficulties of losing a parent, including Demi Lovato, whose father passed away in 2013.

Sadly, too many people have had to mourn the untimely deaths of their siblings, too. Some of your favorite celebrities have struggled to come to terms with this unimaginable circumstance. Most of the time, they handle it quietly; sometimes, though, they speak publicly about their losses. Just goes to show ya that every last one of us, celebrity or not, is dealing with our own personal battles every day.