5 Celebs Who Look Like Superheroes

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We’re pretty sure everyone in the entire world is going crazy over superheroes right about now. Whether it’s The Amazing Spiderman (we could stare at Andrew Garfield all day long) or the recently released The Dark Knight Rises, we sort have a ridiculous obsession that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. And we think we’re even beginning to see superheroes everywhere…even in our fave celebs!

With her long dark locks and pout that totally means business, Shay Mitchell could trick anyone into thinking she’s Wonder Woman

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So, not that we’d ever want to cover his face (like, ever), but if Ian Somerhalder put on the mask, he would make the perf Batman.

DC Comics/WENN

Obviously Zayn Malik’s superhero power is singing so beautifully we can hardly even take it, but for as much as he looks like Robin, he might secretly be Ian’s sidekick. If Christopher Nolan wants these too hotties to star in the Batman reboot a few years down the road, we are totally ok with that…

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Ashley Benson has been hiding something from us. Or, umm, hiding somewhere! Her and the Invisible Girl are pretty much the same person. Almost positive.

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Whether he’s pullin’ a Clark Kent and wearing his nerdy glasses or looking like he’s ready to fight off injustice, Darren Criss can be our Superman any day.

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