What It’s Like to Kiss Emma Roberts, As Revealed by Guys Who Actually Did It

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Brace yourselves for a heck of a lot of Emma Roberts. The 25-year-old Scream Queens actress’ next film, Nerve, is tapped to hit theaters on July 27, which means the blonde beauty will be promoting the shiz out of it, with and without her hot co-star, Dave Franco.

While we’re super pumped to learn more about the famous pair’s joint project, about a high school senior who finds herself immersed in an online game of Truth or Dare, we’re also anticipating E & D’s kissing scene(s) ’cause we know there’s at least one.

To prepare for the lip-locking action, we’re taking a look at a bunch of Emma’s kissing scenes, all while finding out what it’s like to smooch the American Horror Story star — straight from her male co-stars who actually did it:

James Franco — Before Dave ever hooked up with Emma, his older brother got to test the waters… twice. The first time in 2013’s Palo Alto; the second time in 2015’s I Am Michael. And, being James Franco, he couldn’t help but tease Emma about it. In an interview for Heroine magazine, the 38-year-old said to his two-time love interest, “So now I’m going to embarrass you. I felt like our kiss was better in the second movie than in Palo Alto.”

He continued, “So either you got better at kissing… [or] I was thinking maybe you were just being an amazing actress.”

Needless to say, she was embarrassed, but, hey, at least she got better and not worse.

Will Poulter — The Maze Runner actor had quite the experience on the set of 2013’s We’re the Millers. Not only did his character suffer from a tarantula bite (on the balls, no less), but he also had to be taught how to kiss a girl… from the characters played by Emma and Jennifer Aniston… at the same time.

“It was kind of a bizarre scene,” Will recalled. “We kind of just laughed our way through it. It was a very awkward day for all involved. It felt like lots of takes. Obviously, it’s like, ‘Boo hoo, tiny violin.’ Because it was the greatest experience of that young boy’s life, which he will remember forever. So, whatever Kenny went through, he got to do that. So, he came out on top, I think.”

Carter Jenkins — The 2010 film that led to the couple formerly known as Taylor-Squared (Taylor Swift + Taylor Lautner), Valentine’s Day, also reunited Unfabulous co-stars Carter & Emma. When talking about director Garry Marshall‘s obsession with kissing, Carter simply confessed, “It was a pretty good day at the office for me.”

New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema

Freddie Highmore — The English actor is not a man of many words, but he did share a few about his kissing scenes with the actress in question in The Art of Getting By. After she spoke about how far from awkward their particular intimate moments were, he agreed, “No, I didn’t think it was awkward, no.”

Evan Peters — Em’s ex-fiance has made out with her on plenty of occasions, but not all of them were very romantic. As a matter of fact, the first kiss they ever shared, on the set of their movie, Adult World, ended quite badly.

He revealed on Chelsea Lately, “There’s a party scene at the end of the movie. And the director’s like, ‘Evan, kiss Emma,’ and it wasn’t scripted and I got really awkward and really weird and forgot what to do, and then I kissed her. It was good, but it was super awkward and so I felt weird about it. So I was like, ‘That was like kissing Cloris Leachman.’ And she was super pissed off.”

Emma Roberts has a bunch of great roles under her belt, but did you know she actually lost out on a minimum of seven others?