All the Celebrities Who Actually Hooked Up with Their KID’S Crush

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You can never plan your celebrity crush. If that were possible, do you really think that people would plan to crush on one of their TV relatives? ’cause that happened to Cole Sprouse, Avan Jogia and Jessica Biel, among other television favorites, and they don’t seem to be proud of the concept.

If you thought that was bad, imagine having a crush on a celebrity… who hooked up with one of your parents. Guh.

While we can’t say, for certain, if Reese Witherspoon‘s daughter, Ava Phillippe, has a ~thing~ for Reese’s Water for Elephants love interest, Robert Pattinson, or if Michelle Pfeiffer‘s daughter, Claudia Rose Pfeiffer, harbors feelings for MP’s New Year’s Eve co-star, Zac Efron — though, come on, who doesn’t love those guys? — we can say that all of the following children had to witness their mom or dad play tonsil hockey with the object of their affections. Here are all the celebrities who actually hooked up with their kid’s crush:

Demi Moore — It’s one thing for your mom and your crush to play love interests… but imagine if she married him!!! That’s exactly what happened to Rumer Willis, when her famous mama, Demi, got hitched to Ashton Kutcher in 2005.

In a 2015 interview, after Demi and Ashton called it quits, the young star told Howard Stern, “It was definitely weird for a minute, but I have to commend him. He was a really great stepfather. The perspective shifted very quickly.”

She also joked about needing to take down posters of the Valentine’s Day hottie, “That’s when you open up your Teen Beat and just take him down, rip out somebody else and put them up.”

“I feel like I told my sister that at one point like, ‘Man, gotta cross him off the list,’ she added.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Kate Winslet — On multiple occasions, the Divergent actress leaked information about daughter Mia Honey Threapleton‘s crush on her co-star from The Dressmaker, Liam Hemsworth.

“When I told my daughter that I was shooting the scene that day, she spluttered,” Kate explained on BBC’s The One Show in November 2015. “I took it to be jealousy.”

Fast forward to early 2016, after Liam reunited with Miley Cyrus, Kate said that the teen was likely to be “very disapproving” of Miam’s status update. “I’ll have to run it by her when I get home,” the Oscar-winner told Entertainment Tonight at the 2016 SAG Awards, before explaining, “I just think she wants Liam all to herself, quite frankly.”

“I was alarmed to discover, actually after working with Liam, that in fact he’s closer in age to my daughter than he is with me,” she added, then joked, “which makes me feel really young. Not at all.”

Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios

Amy Adams — AA’s daughter, Aviana Olea Le Gallo, may be 6 years old, but she’s a girl who knows what — or, shall we say, who — she wants.

In 2016, Amy told Entertainment Tonight about her child’s crush on her hunky Man of Steel co-star, Henry Cavill. “She met him when she was a year and a half,” she explained during promo for the sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. “And the first thing she did — she hates that I tell this story — she touched his booty when he wasn’t looking.”


Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

David Boreanaz — The same effect happens to male celebuspawn as well. Take David Boreanaz’s son, Jaden Rayne Boreanaz, as an example. Back in 2008, when Jaden was only 5.5 years old, he developed his first crush… on David’s Bones co-star, Emily Deschanel!

“My son Jaden, who’s 5, insists that Emily is his girlfriend,” the actor told People. “So, you know, Emily’s very proud of that.”



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