17 Celebrities Who Let Their Parents Run Their Lives, Even After Fame

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Many assume that going into business with family is a good thing. They usually are the ones that truly have each other’s best interest at heart. You’re able to grow financially and keep it in the family. So many young kids end up hiring their own parents at the beginning of their career.

This has had led to some families creating powerful empires in the business. But there are a few risks involved. This type of business move has also torn some families apart over greed and money since many celebrities later kicked their parents to the curb.  After all, most parents don’t have a background in managing celebrities. They are pretty much winging it and at a certain point in their careers that doesn’t cut it anymore. Sadly firing your own parent can lead to the kind of drama that is fitting for a soap opera! That includes court battles, messy interviews and gossip, and some parents and their famous kids not even speaking to each other. I guess not everyone can be a Kris Jenner. The one mommy celebrity who has not only successfully kept her own kids as clients, but moved on to managing other people’s careers like Selena Gomez.

So which celebrities hired their parents to manage their blossoming careers? And which of these partnerships have pretty much crashed and burned while others are still going strong? These 17 celebrities have hired their own parents at some point in their career.