14 Celebrities Who Hate Valentine’s Day Just as Much as You Do

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s basically impossible to keep the ~holiday of love~ off of your mind. Drugstores are cluttered with heart-shaped boxes and fuzzy stuffed animals with gag-worthy sayings on them. You can’t turn on the TV without seeing commercials for diamond rings and sickeningly sweet date ideas for your one true love. Many of us are spending the holiday with not one but TWO valentines, however… and by that, we totally mean Ben and Jerry.

While a lot of single people can (rightfully) complain about being alone on a day dedicated to couples, it’s not all that easy for those in love either. Not only are you shelling out heaps of cash on something bae may or may not even like and a fancy dinner, but restaurant wait times take forever and usually the service is crappy AF because all the waiters are slammed. So basically, whether you’re single or taken, chances are you’re *secretly* thinking, “OMFG February 14th SUCKS.” But don’t feel too bad — these celebs are, too!