12 Celebrities Who Actually Hate Being Famous

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Shailene Woodley Tucks Hair Behind Ear

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Fame is a really weird thing, ya know. Not that we’re speaking from direct experience or anything, since the most famous that we feel on the reg is when our names get called out to pick up our drinks at Starbucks. But still, we know that there are tons of really famous people out there who struggle with it all. Because, while some people spend their whole lives trying to achieve any amount of fame, others have so much of it that they’d rather have none at all. And they’re the gentle souls who’ve gathered us here today.

When you’ve got a job where half of the description is “be skilled” and the other half is “be likable and awesome every minute of the day when you get recognized by strangers,” a lot of pressure can build up. So we’d like to take a second to recognize the struggle of these really famous people who actually hate being famous: