7 Big-Name Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had a Tragic Miscarriage

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A lot of things about celebrities are instantly and consistently made public, which is why we are usually hip to even the most intimate details of the lives of the rich and famous. That even goes for their medical issues and ailments. A celebrity got his wisdom tooth pulled? We knew about it before the insurance company did. A (hopefully, for their sake) different celebrity got a little nip and a little tuck? We have exactly as many details as the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure. You get the point.

But one thing that we’re usually pretty unaware about is when, devastatingly, a celebrity loses their baby. First of all, we don’t even know that said baby exists until after the first trimester, when chances of miscarriage are lower. But, even still, afterward, something so personal and sad is hard to talk about. And, even though these 7 celebrities have revealed their fertility issues, you probably still didn’t know about their respective miscarriages: