13 Celebrities Who Got Married When They Were Still Pregnant

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“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.” That’s how the age-old saying goes… but that doesn’t mean that’s the case anymore. Sometimes the baby comes without the love or the marriage, sometimes the baby comes then the marriage, then the love… You get it, things could get switched up. In these particular instances, love may or may not have been present, but, once the discovery of the baby, hello, wedding bells!

It seems that more than a few celebrities rushed to tie the knot because they probably didn’t want to have a baby out of wedlock. Old society pretty much condemns unwed mothers, so… Yeah. The sad thing about it is that, oftentimes, the marriage won’t last, especially if things moved way too fast. Oh well, at least there are more beautiful babies in the world, right?