7 Celebrities Whose Pets Got Them Into Trouble with the Law

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Comedy Central

Comedy Central

Between Instagram and Snapchat, plus all those paparazzi photos, we probably know more about celebrities’ pets than necessary. But some of the fun facts are just so adorable, like how Jennifer Lawrence and Kendall Jenner named their pets after other stars! Like, how cute is it that Kendall’s dogs are named Dolce and Gabbana? That knowledge probably won’t help you on the SATs, but it can’t hurt. It’s hard not to become obsessed with celebrity pets when our social media feeds are constantly filled with pics of them; we’ve probably seen enough Instagrams of Taylor Swift‘s cat, Meredith, to last our whole lives. (Or maybe we should say nine lives. *wink* Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

But as cute as celebrity pets look in photos, they can actually be total nightmares IRL. Some stars have wound up facing serious criminal charges all because of their pets! Can you imagine spending weeks in court over an issue caused by your puppy? Such a hassle. The pets usually don’t do anything wrong themselves, but their famous owners broke the law because of them. These celebs have battled attorneys, paid incredibly high fines and sometimes even risked jail because of their beloved pets: