8 Celebrities Who Have Admitted to Googling Themselves

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We all Google ourselves every once in a while. Some of us probably even add phrases like “is awesome” or “is hilarious” or “should be a model” to our names just to make sure we find what we’re looking for. Not me, of course, but some people. If you’re a non-famous normal, you probably don’t find many new results to peruse each time you try. But imagine being a celebrity and having things written about you every day in different places and in different contexts and from mean Internet people with strong opinions.

A lot of stars claim to avoid reading anything about themselves like the plague, which is probably why so many of them are technology-illiterate and/or don’t seem to know that you can look something before you offend everyone by posing next to it in an Instagram photo (*cough* Justin Bieber *cough*). But some stars admit to doing it, and their reactions to what they find vary from amusement to horror. Here are eight quotes from celebs who looked themselves up online:

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