10 Awesome Celebrities Who Proudly Dress Androgynously and Look Amazing

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Have you ever seen celebrities show up to a red carpet looking absolutely amazing in an outfit that you could never pull off? We have that thought during every single awards show and every year the fashion gets even more imaginative and exciting. Recently, we have loved seeing how celebrities are playing with their style and pushing the boundaries of what we previously thought possible. It can be easy for celebs to go the easy and safe route when it comes to fashion, but we love it when they show off their true personality especially because they’re obviously more comfortable.

One type of style that we have been seeing more and more is androgyny. Androgyny is the idea that there is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics and can be used to describe style, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle. Just because someone dresses androgynously, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they identify as androgynous — but we love how it has become a way for more celebs to bring awareness to the idea and feel like they are representing themselves, on the outside, how they feel on the inside. We rounded up some of the biggest celebs who have spoken out about their decision to dress androgynously and look amazing: