6 Celebrities Who Want You to Stop Talking to Them About Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift‘s been keeping a relatively low profile, as of late. Apart from the single for “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” for the 50 Shades Darker soundtrack — a song which she recorded with her best friend’s bae, Zayn Malik — she’s practically been M.I.A. Considering the hit she took to her reputation after her phone call with Kanye West was leaked last year, it’s probably for the best.

But, then again, just ’cause she chooses to stay out of the spotlight doesn’t mean the media plans on shutting up about her anytime soon. That’s why, so often, you’ll see reporters ask her friends, exes and enemies about her. It’s entertaining for the public; not so much for the talent. To prove that, here are six celebrities who want you to stop talking to them about Taylor Swift: