14 Celebrities Who Said the Worst Possible Things About Zayn Malik

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Not all celebrities get along. Some have ended friendships because one started dating their ex. Others feel like they have fierce competition so they start dissing the other. So when celebrities start feuding things can get crazy! Harsh things are said to each other over twitter. Disses are thrown when talking about each other in interviews. Celebs have even dissed people while on stage. Zayn Malik is the type to speak his mind so sometimes that has led him into a bit of trouble. The former One Directioner has a long list of enemies and people who have dissed him!

Two of those enemies comes from Zayn’s biggest breakups. Of course we’re talking about him leaving One Direction to pursue a solo career, and his broken engagement to Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards. He reportedly dumped her through text (though, he recently denied the allegations) and they no longer speak. Apparently, his breakup with One Direction didn’t end on good terms either. Many people from each group have publicly shaded the singer. But what about the other celebs who have something against Zayn?

Well sometimes the disses were a little warranted since Zayn was the one who started the feud. Other times they came from hurt feelings from the breakups. But also some of the disses were just random! So which celebrities have thrown shade, or flat out tried to tear Zayn down publicly? Here are 14 that have no problem telling Zayn off: