10 Celebrities Who Completely Shaded Their Best Friend’s Ex

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True best friends always have each other’s back. And there are a LOT of amazing celebrity bestie groups these days, like Taylor Swift‘s epic squad, that you should totally try and strive to be like in life. ’cause, even though many of Tay-Tay’s BFFs have dated one of her exes, they still are always there for one another, which is awesome.

That being said, if your BFF has your back, she should also help you get over your ex. Some friends eat ice cream with you and watch sad movies, but others totally call your ex out. Okay, we know what you’re thinking, celebrities are known for calling their exes out on social media, but not their friend’s exes. That, however, is not completely true. Some stars have thrown major shade at their BFF’s former flame and they aren’t mad about it. The evidence: