7 YouTube Stars Who Dissed Jake Paul & the Rest of Team 10

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Without even looking, we can tell you right now that we’ve written more about Jake Paul this month than ANY. OTHER. PERSON/EVENT/TOPIC. It might sound ridiculous, but, hey, if readers didn’t want to see this type of content, then they wouldn’t keep reading about him, you know? So, you can thank yourselves for all the Jake Paul/Team 10/Alissa Violet articles on Teen.com.

Ever since Team 10’s “It’s Everyday Bro” music video dropped on May 30 — a music video that dissed former T10 member Alissa Violet, MAGCON & DigiTour — there’s been something new to talk about almost every day bro. So, we’re staying on trend with these seven YouTube stars who dissed Jake Paul & the rest of Team 10: