7 Stars Who Said the Worst Things About Cara Delevingne

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FACT: Cara Delevingne is unlike any supermodels or actresses who are currently running Hollywood; that’s why we all love her. She killed it in Paper Towns and, let’s face it, she struts down that runway like nobody else. (Or, at least she did before she said she was giving up that part of her life.) She is truly one of a kind and crazy cool. However, despite her obvious awesomeness, she isn’t safe from ridicule and shade throwing.

There are a few celebrities out there who have dissed the 23-year-old British beauty, which is kind of insane. Like, how can you not see how f***ing bad-ass she is, people?? Luckily, Cara knows how to stand on her own two feet and she has definitely thrown some shade at other stars throughout her career as well. Check out who burned Cara, including three stars who criticized her after her now-infamous Paper Towns interview: