8 Famous Celebs Who Publicly Shaded Bella Thorne Like it was NBD

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There’s no doubt that Bella Thorne is a Disney alum constantly covered in controversy. When she’s not live-Snapchatting the first wax of her ~nether regions~ or gallivanting around Cannes with someone 15 years her senior, the 19-year-old has been known to speak her mind… even when that means rudely shading the network that made her famous or another celebrity in the biz.

With all the scandals that surround the Famous in Love actress, it should be no surprise that people def have some opinions on the girl… both good and bad. In fact, even some huge stars have been quite outspoken about their lack of love for Zendaya‘s former co-star and were willing to hurl some harsh disses Bella’s way… publicly. Here are eight such stars: