10 Attention-Seeking Celebs Who Deleted Their Twitters

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On late Wednesday, after break up rumors had been looming for the last few days, millions of fans discovered that The Jonas Brothers had (GASP!) deleted their Twitter account. Many are devastated, as this act only further perpetuates the possibility of a split. But let's not forget, the JoBros are LITERALLY brothers, so it's not like they're never going to speak again or anything.

However, this little Twitter-account-deleting-thing just makes us think this was was just a move to get people talking. Not a bad idea since people are, ya know, talking about them now.

The JoBros are definitely not the first celebs to delete their Twitter account — and they certainly won't be the last. From Miley Cyrus who deleted her account a couple of years ago, to Kanye West, we rounded up some celebs who decided to get rid of their Twitter accounts at one point or another. (SPOILER: a majority of them eventually returned, which pretty much shows us it was all for the attention.)

Check them out for yourself below! Do you think celebs delete their Twitter for attention? Or do you think there is some other reason? Sound off in the comments!