7 Stars Who Deleted All Traces of Their Ex from Social Media

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Breakups can range from awkward to traumatizing. And thanks to social media, post-breakup weirdness is worse than ever. You could document your entire relationship for years and years, and then once you split, what do you even do?! Leave all the pictures up, even though they make you want to cry? Or delete them as if the relationship never even happened? (These are real questions, BTW — if you figure out the right answer, def let us know.)

There are plenty of healthy ways to cope with a breakup — you can write your heart out in a song or start fresh with a brand-new haircut. But sometimes all you want to do is destroy the evidence and put the whole relationship behind you. Maybe that means throwing away the necklace he gave you, or getting rid of the perfume you wore on your first date. These stars have felt your pain; their breakups were so bad, they just want the memories gone forever. Take a look: