12 Celebrities Who Defended Their Lady Loves From Jealous Fans

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When people used the term “fan,” we tend to think of people who love and adore a certain celebrity; we expect them to say nothing but positive things about them, and approve of everything they do. But that isn’t always the case.

Fans are the people who care so much about a celebrity, but definitely have the ability to turn on them at any second. We’ve seen fans throw things at their favorite celebrities; we’ve seen them run on stage and attack them while performing; we’ve seen them write the craziest stuff to them on Twitter and Instagram. Some may argue that all of this is done out of crazy love, but it could be very hurtful toward celebrities.

Another time when fans turn on their idols is when they get into a relationship. A lot of fans dream of one day dating them themselves, so it’s understandable that they get a wee bit jealous. But when that jealousy turns into bullying, things. Get. OOGLY. A lot of celebrities have zero tolerance for people picking on the ones they love, so they tend to talk back to the haters. It’s sad that it’s necessary at all, but sweet that they aren’t afraid to lose a fan to defend their loved ones. So, which celebrities had to say something back to the haters? These 12 weren’t afraid to talk directly back to green-eyed monsters for the one they call their girlfriend: