9 Celebrities Who Defended Their BFF After Their Nudes Leaked

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Celebrities have to deal with a lot when it comes to fame. They are chased around by paparazzi, they are asked intrusive questions that have nothing to do with their work, and are often held up to be judge. Many people don’t feel bad for them because they’re rich and know it comes with the territory. But everyone’s eyes were opened when a bunch of stolen nude photos were leaked of celebrities back in 2014. This was an invasion of privacy and a crime.

Some people still wanted to say that if the celebrities never wanted the photos leaked they shouldn’t have taken them. That’s when a lot of celebrities swooped in to speak out that only the criminals were to blame. Many celebrities were only like us and saw this happening from afar and reading reports. But some of them were very good friends with the victims which made it even more personal and felt the need to defend them.

The man might have been sent to jail for the deed, but we still find more nude pictures of celebrities being leaked without their permission. The latest was Justin Bieber who at least had his dad be there to joke about the terrible situation to make it lighter. It can be a very dark and lonely thing when this happens to someone. Luckily these nine celebrities have awesome friends who stayed by their side and defended them during their hard time.